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Wine Cellars

The Bristol team specializes in the art and science of proper wine storage. We’ve designed, built and installed wine cellars, with storage capacities ranging from 400 to 2,100 bottles.

Just as the choice of wine is highly a matter of personal preference, so too is the storage and display of wine highly dependent on personal taste. In designing and building a wine cellar, our objective is to not only build a cellar that will store your wine collection in the correct atmosphere, but also to create a space that will display your wine in a manner that is consistent with your personal flair.

Our Proven Process – from Design to Installation

Our proven design process starts with a no charge, on site visit. We have developed a detailed questionnaire that our cellar designer will review with you. The objective of this exercise is to help you decide on the capacity, style, layout, and budget. The result will be a design that has been personalized just for you and tailored to meet your budget.

Since form should always follow function, the first two questions we ask you regarding wine storage are:

  1. How many bottles and varieties of wine do you plan to store, and what are your display preferences?
    The number of bottles and how they are to be displayed will influence the size of the cellar. The wine racks need to be designed in a manner consistent with the proper aging of your fine wine and also displayed in a manner consistent with your personal taste.
  2. Do you plan to use the cellar beyond storage, for wine tasting and entertaining?
    The cellar requires installation of a chiller(s) that maintain a constant 55-degree temperature and 55-percent humidity. This is an important factor if you plan to use the space for wine tasting and entertaining. For the comfort of you and your guests, you may want to consider including an adjacent Tasting Room.

Examples of components we’ve built and installed for Tasting Rooms include:

  • Wine bar and refrigerator, to chill your whites as well as wine parings such as crackers and cheese
  • Cabinets or shelving to store wine glasses, serving trays and dishes, napkins, etc.
  • Bar sink for easy cleanup after tastings
  • Seating area with tables

Only the finest materials and workmanship

Due to temperature and humidity considerations, all of our wine racks are built from a species of mahogany and not contaminated with a finish that will infiltrate your wine. In addition, because we are cabinetmakers we also build the racks and cabinets using the best of joinery techniques.

Your Single Source, from Design through Installation

Our Bristol team of designers, cabinetmakers, carpenters and electricians are your worry-free, single-source for impeccable installation of your wine cellar.

These are just a few of the considerations we will share with you when you contact us to discuss your custom-built wine cellar. Until then, Cheers! We look forward to serving you.