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Fabulous Closet

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Project Location: New Hampshire

Project Overveiw

This walk-in closet was part of a master bathroom remodeling project (see bathroom page). The closet is accessible through the bathroom located off the master bedroom and houses the clothing for both the husband and wife. The odd shape of the roof lines posed a challenge for the designer.

The completed project included more than sufficient hanging space for both short and long length garments along with plenty of shoe storage. Shelving units were built for folded clothes and a central island, with drawers on two sides was built to house other items. The island granite countertop serves as a “drop off” spot and adds character to the space while the bench seat functions as a place to sit while putting on foot ware and also provides additional storage. We designed and built the cabinetry to complement the bathroom cabinetry so that the two rooms act as one homogenous space.

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