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Hopkington Solar

Project Location: Hopkington, NH

Project Overveiw

After analyzing this customer’s electric bills for the previous twelve months, we installed a 13.2KW system which more than covered the customer’s average usage ensuring that the electrical bill would be reduced to zero.

In order to ensure that the roof framing could handle the weight, we consulted with a local structural engineer. It was determined that additional weight bearing posts needed to be installed in the interior of the barn. Our construction crew handled this requirement.

The system consisted of forty-two 315 watt LG panels, forty-two Solar Edge optimizers, and one Solar Edge inverter. The system was tied into the grid with a production meter for REC credits.

Once all the preliminaries were dealt with, the customer was anxious to complete the project. In this case it resulted in a mid-winter installation. The total timeframe from the initial contact through completion was just under a month, including a few inclement weather days.