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Residential Lighting

Let Bristol Illuminate Your Home Brilliantly

Your home’s lighting is important to your family’s health and well-being. The benefits and comforts of proper lighting are experienced every day, throughout every room of your home – especially in our New England region, where we experience seasonal darkness for many months throughout the year.

Bristol’s electricians are experienced with a wide variety of modern lighting options. Call us today, and let us shed light on the options that will serve your family well.

Brighten Your Electric Bill with Cost Savings

Many families don’t realize just how much of a cost drain that outdated lighting represents. Did you know that you can save money by simply by changing the types of lighting you use throughout your home?

For example, today’s LED lights, as well as other advanced lighting options, use remarkably less energy and last far longer than traditional incandescent lights used in lamps and recessed fixtures throughout your home. When you work with Bristol to review the lights throughout your home and replace the lights or retrofit the fixtures, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cost savings, as well as the new comfort your family will experience.

Examples of Unique Lighting Options

Aside from the typical lamps and overhead lighting throughout your home, consider asking Bristol about these options, to increase your family’s comfort, ergonomics, and productivity:


  • Under-cabinet lighting options
  • In-cabinet lighting or glass-door cabinets storing wine glasses, china, etc.
  • Task lighting (desk area, cooking stations, etc.)
  • Functional lighting and power for devices and appliances
  • Aesthetic lighting of plant groupings or within bay window areas
  • Emergency or backup lighting

Home Office:

  • Task lighting
  • Functional lighting and power for devices and office equipment
  • Aesthetic lighting of walls displaying certificates, artwork, etc.

Dining Room, Living Room, Game Room:

  • Overhead lighting options – Ceiling fans and lights, recessed lighting, etc.
  • Task or functional lighting – Mantles, fireplaces,
  • Aesthetic lighting of plant groupings, trophies, sports memorabilia, medals, etc