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Generator Systems

Backup Power is a necessity in our Harsh New England Climate

In our harsh New England climate, the question isn’t IF, but WHEN your business or home will lose power due to seasonal weather conditions.

Wise business owners, property managers, and homeowners know that it pays to be proactive, so they call upon Bristol to propose and install the most efficient, cost-effective solution for their backup power needs.

Commercial Generator Systems:

A Single Source to Supply and Power Your Generator

Your business cannot afford to risk losing money, reputation, or the safety of your employees and customers due to an extended power outage. You need single-source, reliable support to prescribe, purchase and install a cost-effective system that keeps your business up and running.

Call upon Bristol to review your needs and propose a properly-sized, appropriate generator solution. We will source it for you at a fair price leveraging our industry buying-power, and our experienced in-house electricians will install it for you.

Residential Generator Systems:

An Experienced Resource to Supply and Install Your Generator

The Bristol team makes it easy for you to maintain your home’s power with just one call. Call us to discuss the backup power you need, and let us help ensure that your home can recover quickly from a power outage.

Critical Reasons to Install a Generator:
  • Maintain power to sump-pumps, to avoid flooding during a power outage
  • Maintain power to furnace or air conditioner for comfort and health of residents
  • Maintain freezer power, so as not to lose freshness of contents due to thaw
  • Power for medical support devices that require electricity to function
  • Power for home-office equipment support, for uninterrupted work time