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Commercial Lighting

Let Bristol Brighten Your Bottom Line

Lighting should provide a comfortable, ergonomic, well-illuminated environment for your employees and customers. When you work with Bristol to take advantage of the myriad of advanced lighting options available today, lighting can also brighten your bottom line.

We Can Shed Light on Your Savings

Did you know that you can save money by simply by changing the types of lighting used in your facility?

For example, the classic fluorescent light fixtures of yester year are now considered “energy pigs” by today’s standards. Typically found throughout warehouses, these fixtures use a lot of energy that adds preventable cost to your bottom line. The solution: Ask Bristol to shed light on the savings you’ll experience by proposing options such as high-output fluorescent lights, LED fixtures, and more.

Commercial Lighting Options To Consider

Here are just a few of the ways that our clients have reaped savings with lighting options:

  • Replaced old fluorescent bulbs with high-efficient LED
  • Installed motion detectors / timers on lighting throughout all rooms in an office building or warehouse
  • Installed convenient task-lighting options for
  • Replaced incandescent lighting with long-lasting, low-energy LED lighting