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Walk In Closets

Whether you’re creating a new closet or re-inventing an existing closet we can help. Although we specialize in walk-in closets, we can also help you with smaller spaces.

Closets Built for Your Lifestyle

From our experience with designing, building, and installing all sizes, types and styles of closets, our team knows that a successful closet-design must be personalized to the possessions, personality and lifestyle of its user or users.

Our Bristol team, consisting of designers, cabinetmakers, installers and electricians also understand that homeowners and business owners have several options for closet design in today’s competitive marketplace, so we differentiate ourselves with a proven process of quality wood closet design, as well as worry-free, single-source follow-through from design through installation.

Our Proven Process of Closet Design

Our proven closet design process starts with a series of questions that we ask you to consider about your closet space, including:

  • How many people will be using the closet?
  • What do you plan to store in the closet?
  • For clothing closets:
    • How many hanging items will require long or short spaces?
    • How many folded items will you need to store?
    • How many accessories will you store (shoes, ties, scarves, belts, jewelry, watches, etc.)?
    • Would you like a dressing area with display hooks, seating, mirrors, etc.?
    • Do you need electrical outlets to charge or power any devices or appliances?

Your answers and preferences regarding these and other key questions will prompt us to suggest the proper design and lighting, as well as components designed to enhance the closet’s functionality and ease-of-use.

We look forward to working with you, to build your dream closet that will fit your possessions as well as your lifestyle.