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Basement Renovation

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Project Location: Bedford, NH

Case Study

In order to provide a recreation area for their young children, this customer wanted to finish a portion of their basement.  As the customer wished to have the final painting and flooring done by other sources that they had previously used, we were hired to develop the space up to the painting stage.

After obtaining the required town building permits, our construction and electrical crews were able to complete the project in less than two weeks.  The work consisted of framing, insulation, drywall, electrical work including lighting, stairs, trim-work, and a stand-alone mini split HVAC system.  

The stairway proved to be somewhat of a challenge as the original framers of the home did not leave the required distance at the bottom of the run. We were able to solve the problem by building a small platform, with the required dimensions, on to which he stairway ended. The final stairway result not only met the building code but also proved to be a feature of the room.

The owners wanted the completed space to have an atmosphere similar to the rest of the home and not “basement-like”.  In addition to a complete drywall approach to the walls and ceiling, we incorporated some of the support columns within the partitioning walls while others were custom trimmed with wood. We also built a closet that housed the tank and plumbing for the well

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